Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Story of Christmas

Once upon a time the earth was a part of the mighty Kingdom of Heaven. In those days earth was a place of love, joy, and peace. All the inhabitants of heaven and earth lived like a family caring for one another. Poverty and sickness were unheard of, and nobody was worried or sad about anything. No one did any crime; there were no prisons, courts, judges or lawyers. Nobody fell ill, and so there was no need of doctors or nurses or hospitals. The earth was a blessed place of plenty and prosperity.

However, this state of affairs didn’t last long. A suspicion about the motive of the Heavenly King crept into the minds of the earthlings like an ugly snake. Eventually, the Heavenly King was grossly misunderstood, and the good, father-like King was seen as a merciless tyrant. Thus a tiny suspicion slowly grew up to become a huge wall of hatred that separated the earth from the Heaven. There also rose walls of hatred among people dividing them based on gender, race, color, caste, class, and what not! Generations passed one after another, and they even forgot that the earth was once a part of heaven.

When life continued so miserable, they blamed it all on the king of heaven. They believed that the King was making them suffer for rebelling against him. If the problem is the king’s displeasure, the solution must be to please the King. From time to time they devised ways to please the Heavenly king in order for him to stop his enmity toward them. The ways they devised differed from place to place and from time to time. The proponents of each way claimed theirs to be the only true and right way to please the king, which only served to create even more walls that further separated the earthlings. They sacrificed themselves and killed others for their beliefs. Thus the earth, which was once a heaven, degenerated into a hell!

When the condition of the earth became so bad, the King of Heaven sent the Prince to the earth to let the earthlings know that he had had no enmity whatsoever to them. The prince of heaven arrived on the earth as a human child. The angels in Heaven were overjoyed at this cosmic event because they were fully aware of its importance. However, the earthlings, in their blindness, remained asleep in that night when the angels of Heaven flew around the earth and Heaven proclaiming the good news of the Prince’s arrival. They couldn’t imagine that the Prince of Heaven would arrive on the earth as the child of a poor village girl.

The Prince of Heaven grew up among the earthlings as one among them, learning their culture and their language. As he grew up, he told them the truth about the King of Heaven that he had had no enmity toward them. He told them that the King loves them all like His own children in spite of their enmity, and he advised them to love their enemies following the example of their heavenly father. He asked them to communicate to the king of heaven as follows: Our father in heaven, let thy kingdom come, and let thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

If only they had listened to him, the walls of hatred would have collapsed, and the earth would have become heaven. But their deep-rooted misunderstanding wouldn’t budge so easily. They misunderstood the Prince too. Soon they made false accusations on him, and murdered him. The Prince returned to Heaven, and has been seated at the right hand of the King.

Each time we celebrate Christmas, we remember the golden past of the earth when all people lived as a family. We also remain hopeful that the earth can once again regain such a state by clearing the misunderstandings that still remain deep-rooted in human hearts.


Cherian Thomas said...

I read the Christmas Story. It is wonderful.
Among the Apostles, if St. John had this idea of yours (this story), he would have surely copied it. I hope you understood my point. Only in St. John's Gospel do we find an introduction on the
1) History of Creation (The Earth was formless),
2) The Father (The Word was with the Father and nothing was made without the Word) and
3) the Son Jesus Christ (Word).

After reading your Story ,I thought this is some kind of introduction to a Gospel. Even your story started on the Principles mentioned above.

I think the First Paragraph (no sickness, no pain, so no doctors, no hospital stage) was based on the Maveli Thamburan's epic. Am I right?.

It is so paining to see divisions. Even I am a man (or should I say a victim of Division). I am an Indian, A Keralite, A Christian, A Marthomite, etc., etc., it goes on.... .Recently when I spoke to an uncle about this, he told me he does not believe in all these things, rather he believed in Universal Brotherhood. Quite good. But I am used to this division. But, I make sure that I respect other religions, regions, gender, denominations etc.
Thanks to Ecumenism Churches have forgotten the wounds of Division. Many Ecumenical Groups or Organisations have sprung up. In abroad, I usually hear they conduct Ecumenical Carol Services. It's good to see it. Likewise I hope that even My India gets UNITED.

You have cleanly woven the Story thread I would say-- a Story that a Grandmother can use.

Cherian Thomas,

P.G. Paul said...

I read your English story. It is good! It sems like it is written with a view to giving children the idea of reestablishing the Kingdom of God on this world. In that perspective, the story is a great success.